October Politics

Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has now released her plan to curb the soaring-high cost of prescription drugs.  Pelosi wants to negotiate lowering the price of up to 250 brand name drugs. However, this is very controversial considering many Republicans are against it. The companies would also have to […]

IT: Chapter 2 Review

Horror is an extremely popular film category, and has entranced audiences for decades. However, when a scary movie is able to go beyond the viewers’ fear factors, and actually create a submersive storyline with deep characters to connect with, the movie becomes much more than a bunch of jump-scares. Fortunately, as one of the most […]

October Fashion

Fashion is an important part of each person’s life. We all have a different fashion sense, so even if we think the other person is not fashionable, they are fashionable in their own sense. No one should judge others style because they have their own. For the past month or so a very in style […]