December Fashion

December is Holiday season which means a lot of dressing up. Many kids and adults dress up during the holiday season in Christmas colors like red, dark green, white and sometimes black. It is also the month of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Many religions and cultures have something big to look forward to in the month […]


Guava Island is a short film directed by Hiro Murai tells a fictional story of a local musician (played by Donald Glover) and his acts of rebellion against his government through self expression. The film is visually stunning as well as very enticing to audiences. It’s social awareness helps tell a fictional, but very realistic, […]

What’s Your November?

Tyler, the Creator is a well-known singer/songwriter who became famous in mainstream media after his 2016 album Flower Boy. This project was much more open and vulnerable than his previous projects, which tended to be more edgy and offensive. One song from the album, November, creates a metaphor in which November represents a person’s happy […]

Upcoming Events

There are many new upcoming events in November this year. Such as school picture retake day, on November fifth just in case you weren’t here for picture day. The following week, November eleventh, there is no school because of Veteran’s Day and also the birthday of one of our scribes, Julia Quinn. Make sure to […]