Charter on Fidel Castro and Donald Trump

Fidel Castro was announced dead on November 25, 2016. The long lived dictator of Cuba died at the age of 90, causing millions to celebrate his death, including Donald Trump. As the American President-elect, Trump commented on the death. Trump tweeted, “Fidel Castro is dead!” The wording of the tweet is not the cause of the controversy, it is the exclamation point. I went around the SSCPS High School to get the opinions of students and faculty on the importance of the tweet.

Josh Gallion, a junior, is convinced that Trump is happy with Castro’s death commenting “He’s happy, use context clues!” Josh Golden, a freshman, agreed with Gallion saying, “He put the exclamation point.” Shyla Hartgrove, a sophomore, simply added, “He’s a cheeto puff.” Courtney Daniels, senior, seemed to agree with Trump’s tweet. “It’s a good thing that Trump views it as a good thing. This death is one less problem for America.” Henry Chao, an eleventh grader, believed that the way Trump approached the topic was inappropriate. “I don’t think it’s okay to celebrate someone’s death. It’s not appropriate and extremely undiplomatic on a) Twitter and b) in such a crude manner.” Mike Greene, senior, wanted to comment on the issue. “[Trump] wasn’t as bad as Castro. The way Trump presented the tweet was cruel but keep in mind Castro was an oppressor.” Ryan Gillespie, one of the spanish teachers, had a lot to say on the issue. “I think Trump used the exclamation point because he really likes to sensationalize things and he did it right after the news broke out. He did it in a way of ‘I am informing the public.’ I don’t think people should read into it. I do think leaders should be more sensitive. I don’t think Obama would have done it the way Trump did. There is a more diplomatic way to announce something so sensitive.”