Mystery Person

What are your opinions on eggnog?

“I don’t like eggnog, I wish I liked it because my family does, but I really don’t.”


What is your zodiac sign?



Do you have a favorite song or song lyric?

“Yes! I have a lot though,”


If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

“I would give it to charity and help out local causes!”


What would your dream vacation look like?

“Ooh, going to Italy!”


Do you have a favorite number?

“58, I’m not sure why.”


What is your worst fear?

“Being alone.”


How do you feel about holiday music?

“Yes, I love it!”


What are you planning to do on New Year’s Eve?

“Umm, probably going to watch the ball drop or go to a party, but I’m not sure.”