Featured Workshop: The Art Workshop

Do you hear that sound? It’s coming from the Art Workshop where laughter and creativity is at full swing. The Art Workshop is one of the longest lasting workshops that has been around since the creation of our beloved school. Marianne is the advisor to the workshop where she wants the students to receive the comprehension of designing an art piece world and use that creativity to produce skills and originality into the finishing products.

It is no secret that the Art Workshop holds the annual fashion show for the high school. When asked why it is such a critical event, Marianne answered, “First and foremost, the students love to do this show! Game over! I would also say that from an educational standpoint, I perceive it as the student activity that combines different modalities including music, fine art, theater as well as, lower level students. Artistically, students are expected to design, imagine and create a functional piece in a 3D reality.” Molly Sullivan, a sophomore, who adores doing the fashion show added, “As of right now I am looking into the a career of designing, so the fashion show really helps with the direction I am going into.”

It seems that every student adores Marianne and the Art Workshop. A junior, Nicole Rousseau, commented, “We are like a family. We hang out and I don’t see Marianne as the typical workshop teacher. I see her as my friend and mentor.” Molly added on with saying, “My passion for art has increased. She’s one of the best teachers and she genuinely cares about student’s skill sets and her students exploring through different parts of art.” Both students are enthusiastic for the years to come in the workshop.

For future generations, art is all around; in the school’s hallways, or on the runway, to allow the to public to get a perspective of what students’ message is through art. As Marianne says, “Art is a communication. It’s the public’s job to interpret it.” 

Nicole R. (11th grader) working on her paragraph for the fashion show.
Emma G, (12th grader), working on her fashion piece.