GOP Planned Parenthood Defund By: Max Goldenberg

Due to a series of sting videos and testimonies made by employees of Planned Parenthood, the GOP has begun congressional hearings and the decision making process on defunding Planned Parenthood. On September 29th, Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, appeared before House Republicans where she was questioned about the organization’s use of federal money to host expensive, lavish parties, as well as performing abortions using federal money. According to law, unless a woman’s health is in danger, federal money cannot be used to fund abortions and is instead intended to be used to perform other women’s health procedures, such as cancer screenings and providing birth control. Planned Parenthood receives $450 million in federal funding, which has caused many people to believe that the uses of the money by Planned Parenthood are wasteful and possibly illegal.
Much criticism has come from a series of incredibly controversial videos. These videos have been cited by many as proof of atrocities committed by the group, yet when many of the videos were searched for, they could not be found. Meanwhile, claims of doctored footage have been made for the videos that can be found, rendering them incredibly inconclusive as a source of proof.
Aside from the criticisms towards Planned Parenthood, there is also major criticism towards the republicans conducting the series of hearings. During the process, Richards was constantly interrupted by congressmen and was treated very impolitely, making many question the motivations of the people who conducted the hearings. Is it true concern about the use of federal funding, or is the goal simply to derail any organizations willing to provide safe, legal abortions to women?

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