“The Intern” By: Lauren Walsh

When most of us go to the movie theatre, we usually go for the most action packed, popular, or talked about film available. That leaves multiple movies overlooked by many in our generation. “The Intern” is a prime example of one of these movies. It is the type of movie you would typically see elderly couples attending, but this author thinks it’s a must-see for all ages. Robert De Niro portrays an elderly man who lost his wife and is now an intern for Jules Ostin, a young CEO played by Anne Hathaway. This heart warming feature follows how the two manage to help each other grow and get through the hard times, despite their age differences. While it may not be action packed, it sure knows how to elicit a few tears of happiness and sadness alike. The relationship itself is certainly unique, showing a contrast between the previous generation and the young men and women of today. Whether the changes are positive or negative is up to the viewers. This movie gives a unique take on society while maintaining a light hearted air that would keep anyone interested. I believe all of the older couples that watched this at the same time as me would agree: it gets two thumbs up.

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