Student Of The Month By: Amy Onwuka

High School can be a whole new world for many people, and for some it may be hard to keep up with. This is why David W. Brown was chosen to be Student Of the Month because of his hard work and dedication to keeping up with good grades while adjusting to the high school. David is a 9th grader who keeps up his grades while playing hockey, hanging out with friends, and being a dedicated gamer. David has very good tactics for getting his work done with all of the activities he does. “I am not very good at staying organized physically, but I can get together the right times for doing homework and studying.” He is dedicated to keeping up his grades and making sure he gets all of his work in on time. He sets out a specific time everyday to do his work based on his day to day schedule. In addition, David is very good at applying his prior knowledge from TV shows, video games, books or movies. He is a walking encyclopedia that could tell you almost any random fact that one would need to know. He could tell you what qualifies as first degree murder, to what is the name of the latest Pokémon. Because of his work ethic and ability to jump right into high school, David Brown is this month’s Student of the Month.

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