Kim Jong Un’s Favorite Band Goes Missing!

Over the summer of 2015, Kim Jong Un’s favorite girl band, Moranbong, had gone missing for two months. During the two month disappearance, anxiety had built up amongst the population. Recently however, they have made a comeback. The last time that Kim Jong Un requested their presence was in 2012 during his first year in power, to show a softer side to him. Once the band returned, they performed ‘Pyongyang Is Best’, one of their most popular songs, in front of a Cuban state delegation. This reemergence was reported by news outlets. While their music is still being played on TV, radio, and more, their music videos online are being replaced by footage of the streets and the people of Pyongyang. However, nobody has seen them since the disappearance. While nobody knows for sure what has happened, many speculations have been made by fans of Moranbong. Coincidentally timed with  the loss of the electronic group, Kim Jong Un has created another girl band, Chongbong, which has already made it’s debut in Russia. Currently, Moranbong is still missing.

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