December Politics

In Colombia, a real life “purge” broke out, resulting in chaos in the nation. Not much attention has been brought to the situation in Colombia from international sources, resulting in a lack of media coverage, and many being unaware of what happened. Destruction and vandalism was very prevalent in the “purge”, and many Colombians were terrified and confused. Fear started to arise when the emergency phone number stopped working, and warnings circulating that groups are aiming to rob “everything they could”. However not much is well known about the situation, leading to many conspiracy theories, including one in particular believing that the chaos was orchestrated in order to stir disorder and fear. The political climate of South America has not been too stable with various protests that have resulted in violence with vandalism destroying buildings, and curfews set by countries in order to enforce stability with Colombia included. The exact groups and motives behind recent events in South America is unknown, but important to be aware of and informed on.

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