New Year, Better Planet

The earth is changing rapidly, and a lot of animals and plants are going extinct before we even notice it. We need to start doing something about it. There are many ways we can take a part in helping many plant and animal species alive, Here are some ways:

Bring your own shopping bags. Shopping with reusable bags everywhere you shop is a very easy way to help reduce ocean population. Plastic bags are the second most prevalent form of litter after cigarette butts, and over 4 billion bags get caught by the wind and end up clogging storm drains and littering our forests, rivers, lakes, beaches and oceans every year.

Another helpful way is cooking from scratch. Cooking from scratch is definitely harder but it is good for your health and it can help the environment. Food from outside is usually processed which means the food does not contain any nutrition and the oil in the food is wasted energy. If it is hard for you to cook everyday you can meal prep one of the days you are free. 

Bring your own water bottle is a very good way we can help save animals and plants. A lot of people use plastic water bottles because they don’t want to drink tap water. It is healthier to have your water in a water bottle because with a plastic water bottle you don’t know how old the water is and what climates the water has been in. The plastic from the water bottle can go into the water which can make the water taste weird or funny. 

These are some of the many ways you can make our planet healthier and safer for everyone on it. Create a plan which will help you use less plastic!

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