December Mystery Person

What holiday do you celebrate?


How do you celebrate it?

“It’s two days of just family…it’s kind of annoying. Christmas Eve at my cousins’ house and Christmas Day at my house.”

Do you like winter?

“It’s a 50/50, I like wearing warm cozy clothes, but hate the snow and my birthday is in the winter and I hate my birthday.”

What typical winter activity do you really want to do?

“I like watching movies!”

How do you feel about eggnog?

*retching noises*

Do you vacation anywhere during the holidays?

“I have in the past, but it’s not typical.”

What is your favorite holiday tune?

“I don’t have one. I would probably have to say Last Christmas if I picked one.”

How do you feel towards apple cider donuts?

“Oh, they’re freaking delicious.”

Who do you think is bound to win the door decorating contest?

“Obviously Tom’s advisory.”

What’s your favorite TV show? 

“Its Grey’s Anatomy right now, but it changes depending on what I’m watching at the moment.”

Do you prefer hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or none of the above?

“Aw, tea! I love tea!”

What is your favorite holiday movie?

The Grinch.”

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