Interview With Anne Kerrebrock!

What do day to day responsibilities look like for you as a teacher?

Anne’s responsibilities as a teacher are to prepare lessons and to figure out if the lessons are working with the class she is teaching. She wants to make sure that everyone feels safe in her classroom, and she tries to help people behave and be their best self.


What is your favorite part about working at South Shore Charter Public School?

Anne’s favorite part about working here is the students. She wants to be able to help the students behave and be mature. And she likes to help students with their personal issues.


What do you see most challenging in being a teacher?

What she sees most challenging about being a teacher is not everything going as planned and trying to figure out what will work. Anne wants students to not give up.


What do you hope to accomplish in this position?

She wants to make students not be afraid of math and lack the confidence.


What hobbies do you have that you like to do outside of school?

Outside of school, Anne loves gardening and boating with her husband. She also loves to read and solve puzzles!

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