December Fashion

December is Holiday season which means a lot of dressing up. Many kids and adults dress up during the holiday season in Christmas colors like red, dark green, white and sometimes black. It is also the month of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Many religions and cultures have something big to look forward to in the month of December. 

It is starting to get really cold outside which means everyone starts to wear their winter jackets especially the people in the Northeast. Although a lot of teenagers think they are too good to be wearing winter jackets when it is freezing outside. People like to wear long boots, ankle boots and shoes now since they are so much easier to pull off as well as safer for when it snows and rains. Mostly everyone wears sweatshirts and long sleeves shirts.

Talking about the three major holidays, it is very important for people to dress up and look nice. Girls mainly wear short or long dresses with some stylish shoes or heels to dress it up. Boys wear either collared shirts or button down shirts with dress pants or even kackis. 

Overall the month of December has many religious holidays, which means a lot of dressing up!  

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