Guava Island is a short film directed by Hiro Murai tells a fictional story of a local musician (played by Donald Glover) and his acts of rebellion against his government through self expression. The film is visually stunning as well as very enticing to audiences. It’s social awareness helps tell a fictional, but very realistic, story about oppression, and struggling to be free under a controlling government. 


Glover plays a character named Danny Maroon, a singer-songwriter who sees through the apparent paradise that he lives in. At first glance, Guava Island is a beautiful place to live, but when the curtain is pulled back further, it becomes clear that the residents of the island have extremely difficult and labor-intensive lives. Tourism is a huge business on the island, so the tourists are treated better than the people who actually live there. 


Despite just being an Amazon Prime Video short film, Guava Island is beautifully produced film, with great attention to detail. The vibrant music and colors really bring out the cultural spirit of the island, and bring the story to life. It is an incredibly realistic take on third world human struggle.

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