What’s Your November?

Tyler, the Creator is a well-known singer/songwriter who became famous in mainstream media after his 2016 album Flower Boy. This project was much more open and vulnerable than his previous projects, which tended to be more edgy and offensive.

One song from the album, November, creates a metaphor in which November represents a person’s happy place/favorite thing.


For example, in the song, Tyler says: “What’s your November? Is it a person? Mine was the summer ‘06, I remember


Here are some SSCPS’ students’ Novembers:

  • Sophia K: “Disney World in January 2018”
  • Maeve C: “When I would go shopping with my grandmother and I would stand on the carriage and she would push me”
  • Anon: “When I’m with friends/family at places I love”
  • Liv B: “Fishing with my grandfather”
  • anon: “Being at Abigail Adams Middle School and hanging out with neighbors and friends on the daily; everybody was closeby. You didn’t have to ask people to hang out, it was spontaneous”
  • Patrick V: “Releasing monarch butterflies in velma’s pod”
  • Anon: “Being included at my summer camp”
  • Chloe valliere: “Concerts (The Regrettes concert)”
  • Zach H: “Los Angeles in december of 2016 when I bought my first pair of shoes. They were true blue jordan 3’s”
  • John A: “Bonfires with my friends”
  • Anon: “Rexhame beach at sunset”
  • David A: “Late night car rides”
  • Emily L: “2012”
  • Katie C: “Overnight summer camp”
  • My baby: “The Marshfield fair in August of 2019”


I hope you have a good November….. In both senses 🙂

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