The Lifecycle Of A Frog

The Life Cycle of a Frog

In their lifecycle, frogs go through metamorphosis which is the drastic change in the shape and life habits of a particular species.


  1. A frog’s life begins when it’s mother frog lays a cluster of fertilized eggs that float above the water in a clump.  (Fun Fact: frogs can lay up to 4,000 eggs at a time!)  
  2. When the eggs emerge, they are called tadpoles (which resemble a fish and have gills). They swim around in the pond as tadpoles from six weeks to eight months, depending on the type of frog. They grow for a long while by eating plants and algae before growing a pair of hind legs, which makes them more mobile and able to hop around. They are called froglets once they reach this stage, yet barely resemble a frog. They just look like fish with feet, which is honestly a funny sight.
  3. Soon, the frogs develop front legs as well. About ten weeks later, their tail begins to shrink and they begin to reach their full size as an adult! This, however,can take up to over two years for the frog to fully develop and hop out of the pond.

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