Upcoming Events

There are many new upcoming events in November this year. Such as school picture retake day, on November fifth just in case you weren’t here for picture day. The following week, November eleventh, there is no school because of Veteran’s Day and also the birthday of one of our scribes, Julia Quinn. Make sure to honor our brave veterans that day because they sacrifice a lot for us and our country. The Thursday of that week, which is the thirteenth, is a Junior parent night and the following day National Honors Society will be hosting a blood drive. On the twenty-second, the Theatre Workshop and Spanish 5 will be performing at the Huntington Theatre (264 Huntington Ave #4606, Boston): ”Quixote Nuevo”. But the last Thursday of the month is Thanksgiving, which is the twenty-eighth. Make sure you spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones and appreciate life and everything you were blessed with!


 Have a good November, everyone!

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