DIY Halloween Costumes

Trick or Treat…  It’s almost October, finally. I am going to be showing you some very basic but cool halloween costumes in case you don’t have one planned already. I hope this article gives you a head start on planning your Halloween costume.

Halloween is a very fun time and day for most people. The little kids go trick or treating with their family and parents, whereas the teenagers go trick or treating with their friend group or just a friend. It’s always fun giving out candy to kids and watching them have a smile on their faces. If your house gives out the bars of candy, make sure to watch the kids and everyone come rushing to your house only! 


The first creative costume is a bubble gum machine DIY shirt. For this costume you will need: pom poms, a plain white shirt, a belt and duct tape.  


The second very simple and creative costume is different types of fruits like strawberries, oranges, and kiwi, etc. For this costume you would need the color shirt of the fruit you pick and you would also need either felt or fabric marker to draw the fruit. 


The third easy halloween costume is a cat costume. For this costume you would need a pink colored shirt, black cat ears, and face paint. Out of all these costumes, the cat one is the easiest and simplest, just in case you remember the evening of Halloween that you don’t have a costume!


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