Fall Activities

Welcome to fall, many people’s favorite time of the year. Lots of things are centered around this time… spooky season, fall holidays, changing colors, and best of all fall activities! Autumn is the best time to do countless things and so many of them are readily available to us, living in New England. Here’s a few of my top picks:


Hiking: Hiking is an option that you can do in any other seasons as well, however it is a much different experience in fall than any other season. The air is crisp, the afternoons are cool, and the color of the trees transform the scenery.


Apple Picking: This is an amazing activity if you want something to eat while doing it. Grab some friends or family and go to an orchard together, especially the ones up north. The apples are great there. Personally I’ll taste test at least five apples before we leave.


Leaf Art: This is a good one for anyone bored with the everyday types of art you see. Go outside and grab some new materials, specifically the leaves that are hues you can only get at this time each year. 


Corn Maze: The best for last… this one’s definitely not every cup of tea. Corn mazes range in different sizes and complexities. There’s even ones that you can go to during the night. Bring some friends along with you to make the experience even better!

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