Upcoming October Events

There are many new upcoming events in October of this year. Such as the Annual Harvest Run at Wompatuck which will be taking place, October 12, 2019. Come support your school and have a day full of exercise and a nice view of the natural world. There is a haunted house coming up as well; put on by the theatre workshop on October 18, 2019. It will be amazingly interactive and the actors will be phenomenal. It would be so wonderful to come and support your classmates as this takes quite a while to put together. 

The volleyball team has a game on 10/1 against Boston Collegiate at Starland Sportsplex at 3:30. On 10/4 @Boston prep (885 River Streett, Hyde Park MA 02136) at 4:30. On 10/7 against Match Charter at Starland Sportsplex at 3:30. On 10/10 @ Prospect HIll (Moses Center 243 Harvard St, Cambridge MA 02139) at 3:30. On  10/15 against Neighborhood at Starland Sportsplex at 3:30. On 10/22 @Academy of The Pacific Rim (Archdale Community Center 125 Brookway Rd, Boston MA 02131) at 6:45.


 Lastly, the quarter ends on Halloween, which means try to get all of your papers in by then! Good luck!

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