The Charter School Manifesto

It has come to my attention that Charter has become too liberal. This must change. The idea of communism is simple, having a classless community and the location of means of productions are publicly owned. We already are a part of another building, which means that it is publicly owned. We are able to live together with another organization and function efficiently. The party champions for struggles of democracy, labor rights, women’s equality, racial justice, and peace; which is exactly what this community needs.

The movement of communism was founded by the most dedicated people who roamed the earth, who were willing to sacrifice anything for the cause. Likewise, our school has many teachers who have devoted themselves and have sacrificed a more lucrative career that would be better for them, for the sake of educating children. As we all know, this school is definitely not known for its financial strength. Schools that are not doing well economically would benefit if the current system was changed. Communism will bring increased economic mobility to us, whereas we are at a good education ranking, this is a good place to begin.

Becoming a communist community will make for a more morally instructed education field. As we are not a government-run school, we already have more of a separation between church and state, so we have a head start. The only way that we are capable of obtaining a strong moral education is through remaining within the bounds of the First Amendment. We must allow students and staff to have freedom of speech, we must think immensely regarding moral issues to have deep differences of opinions on finer points.

In conclusion, South Shore Charter Public School’s only way at advancing is simply to become a communist community. Communism, as shown in history, has worked amazingly. Charter’s future is essentially riding on communism’s ideals. Without these beliefs incorporated into our school system, we are bound to break.


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