Summer Fashion

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the days are only getting warmer. No, I am not talking about global warming, I am referring to summer! Every summer comes with passing trends, such as elephant pants, crochet crop tops, and lace everything. Now that summer ā€˜18 is here, Charter students need to know what to wear before they go on their summer shopping spree. So, throw that millennial pink triangle bikini out the window and hold on tight while I reveal the secrets of fashion.

This summer, the number one trend is yellow. Yellow swimsuits, yellow dresses, yellow shoes. Think yellow. Iā€™m talking everything from mustard yellow to sunshine yellow. This color will be projected on to every warm body. Yellow, inevitably, has replaced the long time runner, millennial pink. This taupe color has been booted to the side in order to make room for the new favorite, vibrant yellow.

The next trend that will be hitting the streets summer of 2018 is the simplistic look. No more boho, layered 90ā€™s apparel. The styles of the ā€˜60s are back and better than ever. Futuristic is all the rage, so think modern and chic. Simplistic, slim-fitting dresses, plastic clothing, and barely wearable jeans are on the rise. The more simple, the better. While out shopping, make sure to look for a translucent raincoat to pair with a short baby doll dress.

Swimwear is the last category to cover for these summer trends and possibly the hardest. One pieces came back in full force prior to the start of summer 2017, and honestly, it looks like they are here to stay. This athletic one piece and high-rise hip, has to be a favorite. I guarantee that everyone at the beach will be rocking it. Alongside the one piece is the bikini. Now, the bikini styles are less evolved and change less rapidly compared to their counterpart. I predict this summer matching is back. No more mismatched bottoms and tops; it’s all in sync now. Before heading out to the beach this summer remember, simple, athletic and matching.

Summer looks are hard to predict and even harder to rock. Just remember fashion is subjective to every person. Wear what makes you feel happy and comfortable. In the end, trends fade in and out but your self confidence should be here to stay.

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