What Do We Do About Abusive Musicians?

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, Ameer Vann was kicked out of Brockhampton over allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct with women. After this, Brockhampton released an official statement addressing the state of the band, and the state of the current tour, which has been cancelled. This is not an isolated incident, however, and has only grown more prevalent in the music scene after the shockwaves of the Harvey Weinstein case, and the founding of the #MeToo movement. Musicians of all genres and kinds are being called out for sexual misconduct more with every following case. Another case from 2018, Jesse Lacey of the industrial rock band Brand New is currently over hot water for sexual harassment of two women (who were both minors). Spotify is also working on removing the music of artists who had a history of harassment or abuse, such as R. Kelly and xxxtentacion from mainstream Spotify playlists. While critics say this culture of abuse and hate lifeguarding removes the ideas and speech of the artists, defenders say that the offenders don’t deserve rights and privileges on the platform anyway. While the drama over the abuse continues, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Who’s next on the chopping block?”

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