Millennial Translations

Savage: a very quiet and reserved person

Salty: a term originating from the US Navy in the 1920’s, used to describe someone who is seasick

(Throwing) Shade: violently whipping your sunglasses across the room

Woke: the feeling of dread when you realize that you overslept

Blessed: used to describe someone very pure of heart

Bounce: a dance move practiced by those who can’t seem to find rhythm

Spilling the tea: an Australian term that means pickpocketing

Hunty: a term of endearment

Glow up: to hang out with friends

Extra: used to describe someone who procrastinates until the last minute, then gets every task done within a short amount of time

Shook: sad

Low-key: accidentally liking your ex’s selfie from 2011

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