Winter Concert

SSCPS’ 2017 annual winter concert was very pleasing for both the crowd and the musicians who performed. Our very own Music and Strings workshops performed for one of the largest crowd turnouts we have ever had.

Kevin Burokas, leader of the Strings workshop, was incredibly proud of all 35 musicians that came out to provide music for their friends and family. All performers went home feeling accomplished, let out a sigh of relief, and a lot of nerves were relieved. As the crowd stood up and applauded, parents gave thumbs up and smiled with true feeling.

Doing something like this in front of a large amount of people can’t be easy. So hearing countless people applauding and smiling for them is one of the best outcomes that they could have wished and hoped for. Personally, I look forward to their next performance, as does Kevin. He made it known that he couldn’t wait to see his family of students conduct another amazing night for everybody to watch and enjoy.

The two workshops are soon going to be preparing for the upcoming spring concert if they haven’t already. If you missed the winter concert this year, it would be great for you to support our students in the upcoming days! I don’t have a doubt that this next event will be even better than the last. They have a couple months to prepare and rehearse until the big day. Although all of our musicians are probably still trying to calm their racing nerves, I know they all look forward to it, even if they don’t realize it yet.


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