Slavery in Libya

The migrant crisis in Libya began with the collapse of the government in 2011. The almost total absence of policing gave way for hundreds of thousands of immigrants to flood into Libya, hoping to leave by boat to Italy, or at least get rescued by a Mediterranean coast guard who would deposit them in Italy. But with the lack of authorities, Libya exposed the citizens to inhumane treatment such as forced labor, torture, rape, extortion, kidnapping, and unjust imprisonment. African migrants are being auctioned off for as little as $100 at a Libyan slave market. The migrants are being kept in “despicable” conditions, as described by the chairman of the African Union. Every year since 2014, over 150,000 refugees are held against their will and sold into slavery and prostitution. More than 3,000 migrants have drowned in their journey across the Mediterranean to freedom. As of lately, with help from Italy, the Libyan coast guard has been stopping vessels and returning the refugees back to Libya, where the population is preyed upon by smugglers and rapists.

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