20 Ways To Use Your Snowman

  1. Dress it up in your clothes and send it to school in your absence
  2. Build it around an endoskeleton and program it to attack trespassers
  3. Bring it to life with a top hat and sing with it
  4. Build twelve and make a chorus line
  5. Have it walk your dog
  6. Have it steal a dog then walk it
  7. Make a snow-dog then have your snowman walk it
  8. Hate your family? Not a problem when you can simply build a snow-family
  9. Take selfies with it to spice up your Instagram feed
  10. Murder your enemy, then plant the knife on your snowman
  11. Sell it on Ebay
  12. Help it sneak you into an R-rated movie
  13. Absorb it for sustenance
  14. Build a couple hundred to reenact the civil war
  15. Create an army to block roads to cancel school
  16. Have it read you a bedtime story
  17. Take pictures with it in a photobooth
  18. Relieve stress by kicking its head off
  19. Take it to the beach and split an ice cream sundae
  20. Start a revolt

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