May Mystery Person

What is one thing you’re looking forward to? “Going to college.” How would your friends describe you? “Annoying.” What is your favorite food? “Ah shoot, a cheeseburger with pasta salad.” What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in someone else’s home? “I washed my shoes in someone’s bathtub.” What’s one thing you would do if […]

Avengers: Endgame Review

***DISCLAIMER*** this review does not contain any spoilers, just like all of these reviews. I know that this movie is particularly important, so no content details from the movie will be included.   Over the past 11 years, the Marvel universe has been developing a complex web of superhero stories. Since 2008, they have been […]

Everything AP!

If you’re looking into taking an ap next year, this article is for you Whether it’s your first time taking an ap course or your second, keep reading to find out how to survive the next school year with a college-level course.   By now, you’ve probably signed up for your AP courses for the […]

Gay Rights In Brunei

Recently, the nation of Brunei has faced backlash for announcing they will be stoning those convicted of being homosexual, and while they have retracted this rule/statement, it still begs the question, how are gay rights treated worldwide? From the Americas to Europe, and Asia to the Middle East, gay relationships are viewed differently all over […]

Making a Great Summer Playlist

With the school-year coming to an end, students nationwide are getting ready for summer. The weight of school is lifted for three wonderful months (well, almost three), and we can enjoy the luxury of free time. People have different ideas of how to spend their summers (going out with friends, sleeping in, going to the […]