April Mystery Person

What is your name? “Chloe Valliere.” What is your first name? “Uhhh…. Chloe…” What is your last name? “I just said it… are you listening to me?” What grade are you in? “Junior year.” What is your zodiac sign? “I’m a Taurus.” You’re a Taurus? “I am!! Loud and proud.” Are you writing this right […]

Teacher of The Month

(This month’s Teacher of the Month is going to be joining the SSCPS staff in fourth quarter this year. She is a long term substitute for a teacher going out on maternity leave who has yet to announce her pregnancy.) The April Teacher of the Month goes to Julie Williams. Julie has been teaching for […]

New Discpilinary Policy

Due to a new shocking to school policy, it has been decided that all forms of discipline including detentions, warnings, and/or the slight consequences that come with breaking any rule, will now result in immediate suspension starting on April 1. This new rule was urgent to pass due to a group of eager students and […]