How To Take Yourself On A Date

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you are boo’d up, waiting patiently, or enjoying some personal time, you still need to practice self love.  Most people think of self love or self care to be face masks and bubble baths, but not as many people think of what actually matters: taking care of and […]

How To Get A Date (Pt. 2)

  With Valentine’s Day approaching, getting a date on this day seems to be the goal of many people throughout the world. However, if this is one of your goals, simply follow these 5 easy steps to achieve the goal of a Valentine’s date!   The first thing that you should always do is approach […]

Dating In Charter

Dating in high school is exhausting. The gossip, drama and expectations flood your relationship. Its like you are constantly under a magnifying glass, and Charter’s no different. As One student, Isaiah says, “Dating at charter is just so small”. He goes on to reference some more explicit content that I unfortunately can’t include. But Isaiah […]

Harriet Tubman

February is national Black History Month, so of course everyone who contributed in this, deserves praise. The woman that I wanted to make this topic about was Harriet Tubman. A woman born into slavery, she rescued many enslaved people using an underground railroad system. She was viewed as a “conductor,” and she was also a […]

Halo Wars

I can remember the first time I ever played a Halo game very vividly. It was June 2014, I had just bought my first major gaming console; the Xbox 360, and I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Walking through corridors, facing Elites, Grunts, and Jackals, I was having a blast. Of course, this was […]

Student of The Month

  If you have ever met Honora Sullivan, you know that she is a very confident and outgoing individual. For this and many other reasons, she is the SSCPS Student of the Month February 2019. Honora has been attending Charter since kindergarten and is now a sophomore, making this her eleventh year of going to […]

Movie Review

Comic books have been being adapted into movies for years, and at this point so many exist that with all of the sequels, prequels, and spinoffs that have been made, it is easy for the films to get repetitive. So, when it was announced that a new spiderman movie was coming out, the reaction was […]

Government Shutdown

As I am writing this article, the Government Shutdown is entering its 26th day. This shutdown is the longest government shutdown in United States history.  The reason for this shutdown is because President Donald J. Trump is asking for five billion dollars for a border wall on the US-Mexico border. When the democrats denied this […]