Kids That Won 2018

The new face of activism are teenagers everywhere. Over the course of 2018, activism has worked its way into social media, cities, and schools. Here’s a recap of the protests for justice lead by the Gen Z’s, throughout this year. On March 24th, kids everywhere took to the streets to protest gun violence. March for […]

Must See Movie of 2018

  Discrimination is an issue that most everyone is familiar with. It is an issue that has remained present throughout history, with fluctuations in its extremity. The film Green Book, directed by Peter Farrelly, is able to intelligently address a few types of discrimination, over the course of its duration. It uses well-developed, kind-hearted, and […]

Student of The Month

This month’s Charter student of the month is Treasure Oji. Treasure has been attending SSCPS for eight years and came here because her dad thought it would be a good idea since she had family members already going here. Treasure likes the school because the students and teachers are kind, and also the small size […]

Conspiracy Corner: The Lost City

There’s nothing quite like a good country-wide inside-joke to kick off the new year! Now, obviously, this column is True Crime and Conspiracy theories. However, this joke-turned-conspiracy was too good not to be shared. Originating in 1993, from the brain of Achim Held on the site Usenet, the so-called “Bielefeld Conspiracy” is actually a satire […]

The Key to Beating SAD

 Seasonal Affective Disorder comes around this time of year, usually starting in the fall and continuing to about now. It is still around after Christmas and people may feel the same symptoms as they would usually,  including fatigue, depression, hopelessness, -and isolation from friends and family. To cope with this, it is mandatory that you […]