Thanksgiving Craft

Do you like crafts? Thanksgiving? Fall colors? If so, try making this cute, wearable turkey ring craft that’s perfect for the Holiday season!   You will need: 4 pipe cleaners of any color 1 large brown pom pom 2 googly eyes A small piece of orange foam sheet A small piece of red foam sheet […]

Term Two Organization

Coming into school can evoke a variety of feelings for people— some are excited, others are dreading it, and some didn’t even know school was starting until the day before.  But, most people have some semblance of organization and motivation for the next eight to nine months at first. Binder tabs, folders, pockets, all of […]

Thanksgiving ER Visits

Going to the emergency room on Thanksgiving isn’t usually how people imagine spending their holidays. However sometimes people have to spend it exactly in that way. As Dr. Aaron Bright, an attending Emergency Physician in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, said, “People who visit the ER on holidays are different than your average everyday patient.”. […]

Workshop Accomplishments

October so far has accomplished much more than September in regards to workshop activities that involve the whole school. The theatre project put on a haunted house, mainly aimed towards younger kids, but anyone is welcome as long as they are able to pay. It takes place October nineteenth, at five o’clock, in the evening, […]

Top 10 Greatest Horror Antagonists

Top 10 Horror Movie Characters Jack Torrance (“The Conjuring”) JigSaw (“Saw”) Michael Myers (“Halloween”) Pennywise The Clown (“It”) LeatherFace (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) Pinhead (“Hell Raiser”) Chucky (“Chucky”) Screamface (“Scream”) Freddy Krueger (“A Night on Elm Street”) Jason Voorhees (“Friday The 13th”) These 10 Horror Movie Characters are the ten characters that I personally believe […]