Ye Album Review

Ye, the eighth studio album from Kanye West, is a time capsule of current events. From the nature and events surrounding the titular artist, everything about the record acts as a mirror reflecting the past 3 months since West reactivated his social media. While Kanye has always been reactionary, this album takes this concept to […]

July Holidays

7/1 Build a Scarecrow Day 7/2 World UFO Day 7/3 Disobedience Day 7/4 National Country Music Day 7/5 National Apple Turnover Day 7/6 International Kissing Day 7/7 Chocolate Day 7/8 Body Painting Day 7/9 National Sugar Cookie Day 7/10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day 7/11 Cheer Up the Lonely Day 7/12 Different Colored Eyes Day 7/13 […]

Summer Sun Safety

With school ending and the summer solstice quickly approaching, the sun rays are secretly getting stronger. With the sun beating down, ultraviolet (UV) rays make their way into your skin without keeping your skin properly protected. UV rays are the #1 cause of skin cancer in the world. Thanks to the sun, we absorb plenty […]

Summer Fashion

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the days are only getting warmer. No, I am not talking about global warming, I am referring to summer! Every summer comes with passing trends, such as elephant pants, crochet crop tops, and lace everything. Now that summer ‘18 is here, Charter students need to know […]

Dad’s Day

Do you have a daddy? Do you have a granddaddy? Well you’re in luck, because it’s daddy day on June 17th. Daddy’s day is the day where you say your thanks to your daddy for being your daddy. Everybody knows that daddies love breakfast in bed. Just make eggs and waffles and your daddy will […]