(Real) Holidays in May

May is the best month for 100% real holidays. If you look hard enough you will find out that everyday is a holiday and you need to celebrate every single one of them… May 1st – Mother Goose Day. You know the nursery rhyme Mother Goose? Well, it got so popular that it now has […]

Workshop of the Month: May Edition

The featured workshop of May, is the Claymation workshop that is taught by Dan Fish. Typically, students work on creating movies out of claymation, which consists of molding or posing clay figures. At the moment, students are now working on short animations in groups and filming them. Erick Tan’s favorite thing this year is, “watching […]

Political Events

House Democrat Accused Of Sexual Harassment House democrat of Nevada Representative Ruben Kihuen was accused of sexually harassing multiple women. Many women reported Ruben of having uncomfortable interactions with him. However, Rep. Ruben Kihuen ignored most of the public pressuring him to resign. He was called to an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Ruben […]

Jaguar Games

For the first time ever, the SCCPS high school is having a field day called the Jaguar Games after our school’s mascot, the jaguar. The event will take place in May and will include both physical and mental activities. The event is planned and fundraised by Tyler Aiken and his human performance workshop. Some of […]


Did you guys know it was spring already? I didn’t. I know it can be hard to tell with all this snow and bad weather, but you can do a lot during the one week of spring. One thing you can do is sand boarding. Sand boarding is snowboarding but in sand. It is a […]

Jewish-American Heritage Month

May is the month of recognition to the more than 360 year history of Jewish contribution to American culture. The recognition has been confirmed by the Congressional resolution and the presidential proclamation. To celebrate, there are many JAHM (Jewish American Heritage Month) events to attend. This year, the theme of the events are Jewish Contributions […]

Senior Memories

As the 2017-18 school year comes to a close, the seniors fall into one of two categories. They are either iching to get away and start their lives without anyone telling them what to do (and inevitably gaining the freshman 15) or they are wondering “since when did I become an adult and who can […]

Big Time Return

The Return of a Boy Band Lost to the Depths of 2000’s Big Time Rush, a boy band known mostly for their Nickelodeon 2009 kids show, made a return with their new EP, Big Time Return. It was announced on band leader James Maslow’s twitter, saying “I’m glad to say that Big Time Rush is […]

Celebrity Cancellations

Sometimes, notable figures in the media do certain things or act in ways that tend to vex others who have to put up with hearing about it over their social medias, on the news, or in day to day conversation. The teens now use the word “cancelled” to express when they believe something should be […]