Culinary Workshop

The featured workshop this April, is the new culinary workshop. The workshop is a new idea, which will take place next 2018-2019 school year. The workshop leader has not yet been chosen, but it will possibly be a new teacher who will start teaching at charter next year. The culinary workshop will focus on learning […]

Fight Club

This month, a critical issue within Charter has arisen and the students are in uproar. New clubs and sports teams have been popping up all around Charter since September. Some more recent ones are Key Club and boy’s volleyball. Though the pool of extracurriculars is large, that doesn’t stop Charter from creating its very own […]

Please Ban Jorts

Dear Administrators,   In every school there is some form of dress code to keep a stress and distraction-free learning environment, and in order to maintain that we NEED to ban male jean shorts, otherwise known as “jorts.” Not only do they demonstrate bad taste but they are a safety concern considering that every time […]

Paid Parking at Charter

To combat the influx of student drivers and parents setting up camp in student parking, SSCPS students will now have to pay to reserve a weekly parking spot. Starting after April break, students will have to pay $10 every Monday, to reserve themselves a parking spot for the upcoming week. If students are unable to […]