What is Game Change?

“Game Change” the statement is used so broadly across the high school, but mean something special to certain high school students. The program, designed from the partnership of the New England Patriots Football team and General Attorney, Maura Healy, has been presented to high school students all over in Massachusetts. Game Change has the intention […]

No Expulsion Rule

In a whirlwind of fear, mistrust, and tension, it can be incredibly easy for productive communication to be lost in translation. When a school fails to educate their students, not in regards to the curriculum, but more in regards to laws and procedures potentially affecting our safety, it is understandable that the student body will […]

Columbus Day

Columbus Day became an official holiday in the United States in 1937, though it has been celebrated since the colonial period. The day is in honor of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas even though he didn’t actually discover continental United States, hundreds of Natives Americans were enslaved and killed, and there were already people […]

Freshman Seminar, wya?

There are a few who can remember the archaic practice of Freshman Seminar. The faint memory lasting in some can recall that it was meant to teach freshmen basic things about Charter. A student who helped run freshman seminar stated that they were chosen to assist students in learning Charter 101. They discussed how the […]

Veteran’s Day

November 11 is the day in which many people honor and thank everyone who has served our country. Veterans Day was established in 1919, first known as Armistice Day. It was first called Armistice Day because November 11was the signing of the armistice, which ended World War I. The reason the name was changed is […]

Spooky Haunted House

Haunted houses usually seem bland, full of fake decorations, and paid actors but Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is here to change that. Barrett’s is a haunted house located in Abington, Massachusetts where consumers pay to be scared. Though the decorations and costumes may look fake or a little over done, according to the owner the house […]

Candy Polls

From Easter to Christmas, everyone loves a bit of candy, and what holiday is better for having candy than a holiday commercialized around candy? To make a poll for SSCPS, we picked the top 5 favorite candies of Massachusetts and went around asking different workshops what their favorite candies were out of the five. These […]


The SSCPS boys soccer team is currently second in the league, behind Foxborough Charter. Weighing in at 17 total goals scored so far, the boys have 5 total wins and only 2 losses this season. The girls soccer team has 2 players in the top 5 scorers in the entire league. Nani Luciano, a freshman, […]

Wednesday Half Days?

No, not all Wednesdays are going to be half days, sadly. On the bright side we get half days every first Wednesday of the month. That’s right! The first Wednesday of each month for now on is going to be a half day. The only month that does not follow this rule is June because […]