Free Association

Eggs.   Is this how we are starting?   Usain Bolt starts races by running.   I’d start with a single step   Stairs have steps.   I definitely feel like it is ridiculous to expect me not to stare when weird looking people walk by me on the street. They kind assume the risk […]

Charter’s New Dress Code

On March 23, the Executive Director, Alicia Savage, announced that the entire school will be required to follow a new dress code. Levels I and II are required to wear either Dora the Explorer or Diego outfits. Store bought costumes are not permitted, as the outfits must be exactly what Dora or Diego wear in […]

Selling the School?

Over the 2017 winter break, it was formally announced that Angie Pepin had sold SSCPS to the town of Norwell. After the much needed expansion of the high school, the school board was left with virtually no budget to run the school. Over the next four years, South Shore Charter Public School will transition to […]

PDA Means Explusion

Ah, young love. Many high school sweethearts just can’t get enough of each other, which can either be sweet or sickening. However, most faculty agree it is the latter, as now any public displays of affection (PDA) will result in an automatic expulsion for both perpetrators. Any sort of intricate tongue dances are banned, as […]


Which came first, the chicken or the purest gift from God himself? Whether it’s hard boiled, sunny side up, or outright scrambled, eggs are a great way to start your day. Breakfast blogs and elderly folks will tell you: eggs are no laughing matter. There a number of ways to make these yellow and white […]

Unfunny Jokes

“Knock knock” “Come in.”   What did Batman say to Robin before he got in the car? “Robin, get in the car.”   I remember what my grandfather once said to me before he kicked the bucket. He said, “Hey, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?”   Schrodinger’s cat walks into […]