World of Sports

School Basketball The boys varsity team beat Pioneer Charter School of Science I 52-50, thanks to two clutch free throws by Deion St. Fleur. The boys varsity basketball team also beat Prospect Hill Academy 58-29, Foxborough Regional Charter School 51-29.  The boys varsity team is now 5-1 and the JV team is 4-0. Indoor Track […]

D.I.Y: Lip Balm

Winter is here, and with it comes the harsh cold air. This means that in the winter time your lips are not able to naturally hold moisture as well as they would when the air is warmer. Most of the time this can be a bit problematic for people since having chapped lips is not […]


Socks are the most frequently worn article of clothing in America. Usually, you can find any person wearing two of them at any given time, which is more than can be said for any other article of clothing. Obviously, our society has an immense value placed upon socks, but why? For many, such as Daniel […]

Teenage Smuggler

A twenty-two year old Moroccan woman has been caught after attempting to smuggle a nineteen year old boy from Gabon, Africa in a European airport. The teenage boy was found curled up inside a compact travel suitcase and offered immediate medical assistance due to the lack of oxygen. Police report that the Moroccan woman was […]


The domesticated cattle is the typical image conjured by the word “cow,” but is only a relatively new form of cattle. These large moo machines originated from the Aurochs, which is an ancient wild cattle that wandered through Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The Aurochs has been extinct for almost 400 years, with the last […]

Recycling Bins

The high school currently has four recycling bins with the addition of cardboard boxes in several teachers’ rooms which are dedicated to recyclables. In contrast, there are more than 50 trash bins around the high school. As a result, students have to throw away their recyclables in a normal trash bin. I spoke to Mark […]

ACA Repeal

Days before the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump, the United States House of Representatives approved a new budget outline that would give congress the power to abolish many pieces of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare. Dismantling the majority of the ACA has been a long term goal of many Republican legislators, […]

Meet Mrs.Vigneau!

He was the wizard of math in SSCPS. Ed Dormady, the dearly loved Algebra, Calc and Geometry teacher, has partly retired. He will still teach AP Calculus on Thursdays. His replacement, Mrs. Nahoko Vigneau, has made her entrance and the school has welcomed her with open arms. Most teachers at South Shore Charter Public School […]