Culture Corner!–Guatemala

Means “land of the forests” Population around 12 million Largely Spanish and Mayan heritage Approximately 40% identify as indigenous Spanish is the official spoken language, but there are 23 official indigenous languages Many traditional cuisine is based on Mayan foods, and is a centerpiece in many holidays and traditions Percussion bands featuring the national instrument, […]

Why Can’t We Wear Halloween Costumes

With it being October, many people’s first thoughts are Halloween. With Halloween, many people dress up and celebrate the holiday in their own ways, from parties and trick-or-treating, or even just watching scary movies at home. The holiday of Halloween often happens on school days, including this year, which will take place on Tuesday the […]

DIY: Halloween Terraniums

Many people enjoy Halloween because it gives them one time during the year to dress up as someone or something else, a break from their normal day to day routine. Some people also use this time to express themselves in a way that may or may not be unacceptable during any other time of the […]

Unfunny Jokes

“Knock knock” “Come in.”   What did Batman say to Robin before he got in the car? “Robin, get in the car.”   I remember what my grandfather once said to me before he kicked the bucket. He said, “Hey, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?”   Schrodinger’s cat walks into […]

DIY: Open Toe Cowboy

Well howdy there, boys and girls! Are y’all ready for the best of the best DIYs? Why wear cute, fashionable, and convenient shoes when you can wear these DIY open toe cowboy boots! For this absolutely inexpensive DIY you will need:   The most expensive pair of old cowboy boots Sissors A Sharpie™ Feet (with […]

The Funnies

Why did the frog have to walk home from work? His car got toad.   Bert says to Ernie, “Would you like some ice cream?” Ernie replies, “Sherbert.”   Old McDonald once said, “My job isn’t for everyone, but hay – it’s in my jeans.”   Never fart in an Apple store. They don’t have […]