Elephant Ban

In the last three years, 100,000 elephants have been poached. This number is only going to increase due to their valuable ivory tusks. As of November 16th, the Trump administration has began to appeal the act that bans elephant poaching. The ban on elephant trophies was formed during Obama’s administration in 2014. Pro Elephant Ban […]

Owl Cafe

Have you ever dreamed of sitting down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, surrounded by your family and some… strigiformes? No? Well now you can! In a cafe located in Japan allows visitors to be around owls, petting them and teaching the kids about them. Owl Village, despite opposing claims from activists, says their […]

Canadian Judge Faces Removal

A Canadian federal judge is facing removal from the courts after his insensitive victim blaming during a 2014 rape case. Justice Robin Camp, 64, was born in South Africa, but moved to Canada in 1998. In 2014, after years as a provincial judge, Justice Camp found himself presiding over the rape case of Alexander Wagar […]

Polish Abortion Strike

A proposal that would legally ban all abortions lead to a pro-choice march through Warsaw, Poland, on Monday, October 3rd. Thousands of women throughout Poland have gone on strike in protest of the possible law, which would make abortions punishable by jail time. The women, who wore black to “mourn the loss of their reproductive […]