December Politics

In Colombia, a real life “purge” broke out, resulting in chaos in the nation. Not much attention has been brought to the situation in Colombia from international sources, resulting in a lack of media coverage, and many being unaware of what happened. Destruction and vandalism was very prevalent in the “purge”, and many Colombians were […]

Good Holiday Movies

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) This dual holiday film is perfect for not only Halloween, but Christmas as well! The film follows Jack Skellington, the Halloweentown pumpkin king, and his misadventures. Bored of his annual routine throughout the Halloween season of scaring people in the “real world”, he comes across Christmastown and finds himself enticed […]

Christmas Around The World

As you all know, Christmas in America has basically become a commercial holiday. However, it’s not always like this! Many other countries, especially in Europe, celebrate this holiday beautifully.  One of the countries that is able to celebrate Christmas quite artfully is the Philippines. Each year on the Saturday before Christmas Eve, the Giant Lantern […]

Pet Gifts!

Our pets are important to us and we all have to admit, pampering them is fun! Christmas is the perfect time to spoil your pets, so here are some ideas for when that time comes.    If you have a pooch, a practical gift for them would be a rugged quilted dog blanket to keep […]

Upcoming Events

The month of December is sure an exciting one. The sixth, there will be a home game with the boy’s basketball team as well as the girl’s team. The tenth, the girls and boys varsity basketball teams are both playing against New Heights Charter, which is also a home game. On the thirteenth, the boys’ […]