Minecraft’s Mysterious Comeback

Minecraft was a simplistic game, launched in 2009 initially about placing blocks down and building with them, until of course, the game’s creator added more features such as lava, water, animals, monsters etc. This game was a huge success and many copies were sold to many players of all different ages. Minecraft, like any game, […]

March Gardening

March seems like a very uneventful month that is not filled with much excitement, yet it is the beginning of the spring equinox, and that means it is time for gardening. This can be a fun and rewarding hobby if done correctly. Make sure to keep your garden small and simple so it is not […]

March Activities

March is a very uneventful month, with barely any holidays and no vacation, it can put all of the students in a state of ennui. But there are ways to make this month brighter, here are just a few. March is the month of green, so maybe we should decorate the school, maybe make little […]

The Key to Beating SAD

 Seasonal Affective Disorder comes around this time of year, usually starting in the fall and continuing to about now. It is still around after Christmas and people may feel the same symptoms as they would usually,  including fatigue, depression, hopelessness, -and isolation from friends and family. To cope with this, it is mandatory that you […]

Workshop Ideas

Being in a workshop can be an interesting thing. You get to hang out with people who share the same interests as you or be yourself and explore your creative nature. It is naturally more fun to explore what you love and also be festive simultaneously. Here are a few ideas workshop could explore to […]