May Mystery Person

What is one thing you’re looking forward to? “Going to college.” How would your friends describe you? “Annoying.” What is your favorite food? “Ah shoot, a cheeseburger with pasta salad.” What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in someone else’s home? “I washed my shoes in someone’s bathtub.” What’s one thing you would do if […]

April Mystery Person

What is your name? “Chloe Valliere.” What is your first name? “Uhhh…. Chloe…” What is your last name? “I just said it… are you listening to me?” What grade are you in? “Junior year.” What is your zodiac sign? “I’m a Taurus.” You’re a Taurus? “I am!! Loud and proud.” Are you writing this right […]

Stupid Criminals

There are many ways to commit a crime, but people tend to follow a set of steps. Criminal work can, in most cases, be very precise and hard to crack. These crooks, however, had different tricks up their sleeves. When robbing a bank, one would typically make sure to remain secretive until they actually begun […]

Mystery Person

“What is your idea of a great meal?” “Anything that doesn’t have mayo. Anybody who actually enjoys mayo… is inarticulate.” “How do you feel about Ariana Grande’s new album?” “Just as I thought! Slaps! Bangers! Talented, brilliant, incredible, show-stopping, amazing, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, not ever been done before!!” “What is your favorite […]

February Mystery Person

What do you plan on doing for Valentine’s Day? “Absolutely nothing. I will treat it like a normal school day. Whatever. No special plans.” Thoughts on Valentine’s Day? “I think it’s a cool holiday, but it should be applied everyday if you’re in a relationship. It was better in elementary school than now.” What would […]