Good Spooky Music

Happy October! The Halloween season is a super immersive time of year. From food and decor to movies and music, people really get into the spirit of things. Here are some good music recommendations for setting a spooky mood. Whether you’re looking for scary stuff, or just a generally eerie time, these songs with definitely […]

IT: Chapter 2 Review

Horror is an extremely popular film category, and has entranced audiences for decades. However, when a scary movie is able to go beyond the viewers’ fear factors, and actually create a submersive storyline with deep characters to connect with, the movie becomes much more than a bunch of jump-scares. Fortunately, as one of the most […]

Summer Time Management

Summer vacation is renowned as a time of relaxation, because the overwhelming stress of finals season is over, and the pressure of school is gone for a few months. However, many students begin summer feeling burnt out from the school year, and this leads to an unproductive and/or boring summer. It’s important to take a […]

Avengers: Endgame Review

***DISCLAIMER*** this review does not contain any spoilers, just like all of these reviews. I know that this movie is particularly important, so no content details from the movie will be included.   Over the past 11 years, the Marvel universe has been developing a complex web of superhero stories. Since 2008, they have been […]

Making a Great Summer Playlist

With the school-year coming to an end, students nationwide are getting ready for summer. The weight of school is lifted for three wonderful months (well, almost three), and we can enjoy the luxury of free time. People have different ideas of how to spend their summers (going out with friends, sleeping in, going to the […]

Places To Find 4-leaf Clovers

Saint Patrick’s Day is a usually associated with good luck, and is often celebrated with different traditions related to having good luck. One of the most iconic symbols of luck is the rare four-leaf clover. They are a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, as well as good fortune in general. However, the reason they are […]

Boy Erased: Movie Review

Boy Erased, directed by Joel Edgerton, tells the story of a young man’s experiences with conversion therapy. It is based on a true story, that of Garrard Conley, who currently lives in New York. He wrote a book: Boy Erased: A Memoir, which was referenced heavily throughout the making of the film.   Jared Eamons, […]

Movie Review

Comic books have been being adapted into movies for years, and at this point so many exist that with all of the sequels, prequels, and spinoffs that have been made, it is easy for the films to get repetitive. So, when it was announced that a new spiderman movie was coming out, the reaction was […]

Midterm Recovery Guide

Congrats! You survived one of the most stressful times of the school year! After finishing a stressful, work-heavy, overwhelming few weeks, such as midterms, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. Stress has many negative effects on people, such as irritability, acne, loss of sleep, etc. It is especially important […]

Must See Movie of 2018

  Discrimination is an issue that most everyone is familiar with. It is an issue that has remained present throughout history, with fluctuations in its extremity. The film Green Book, directed by Peter Farrelly, is able to intelligently address a few types of discrimination, over the course of its duration. It uses well-developed, kind-hearted, and […]