July Holidays

7/1 Build a Scarecrow Day 7/2 World UFO Day 7/3 Disobedience Day 7/4 National Country Music Day 7/5 National Apple Turnover Day 7/6 International Kissing Day 7/7 Chocolate Day 7/8 Body Painting Day 7/9 National Sugar Cookie Day 7/10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day 7/11 Cheer Up the Lonely Day 7/12 Different Colored Eyes Day 7/13 […]

Millennial Translations

Savage: a very quiet and reserved person Salty: a term originating from the US Navy in the 1920’s, used to describe someone who is seasick (Throwing) Shade: violently whipping your sunglasses across the room Woke: the feeling of dread when you realize that you overslept Blessed: used to describe someone very pure of heart Bounce: […]

Top 8 Memes

Elf on the Shelf This Christmas tradition was given new life when tumblr and Reddit created a new trend. The visual cues allow you to finish the rhyme yourself. “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for…” Link in the sink? Yeti on the spaghetti? Woody in a hoodie? Goomba on a […]

Slavery in Libya

The migrant crisis in Libya began with the collapse of the government in 2011. The almost total absence of policing gave way for hundreds of thousands of immigrants to flood into Libya, hoping to leave by boat to Italy, or at least get rescued by a Mediterranean coast guard who would deposit them in Italy. […]

Holiday Events!

Christmas Festival of Lights December 26 2017 – January 1, 2018 Edaville Theme Park – 5 Pine St, Carver, MA One of New England’s most memorable holiday events, now with over 18 million lights and unlimited access to all the park’s attractions and rides.     Mainstreet at Christmas December 1 2017 – December 3, […]

Columbus Day

Columbus Day became an official holiday in the United States in 1937, though it has been celebrated since the colonial period. The day is in honor of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas even though he didn’t actually discover continental United States, hundreds of Natives Americans were enslaved and killed, and there were already people […]