March Holidays: Spice up Your Month

March is the equivalent to a desert, for holidays. Beside Saint Patrick’s Day, a made up drinking holiday, there is nothing for highschool students. Tired of dressing up like a leprechaun, try these eccentric holidays! Start off March 1st right, with National Compliment day! This is sure to brighten your spirits about this gloomy month. […]

How To Take Yourself On A Date

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you are boo’d up, waiting patiently, or enjoying some personal time, you still need to practice self love.  Most people think of self love or self care to be face masks and bubble baths, but not as many people think of what actually matters: taking care of and […]

How To Get A Date (Pt. 2)

  With Valentine’s Day approaching, getting a date on this day seems to be the goal of many people throughout the world. However, if this is one of your goals, simply follow these 5 easy steps to achieve the goal of a Valentine’s date!   The first thing that you should always do is approach […]

Dating In Charter

Dating in high school is exhausting. The gossip, drama and expectations flood your relationship. Its like you are constantly under a magnifying glass, and Charter’s no different. As One student, Isaiah says, “Dating at charter is just so small”. He goes on to reference some more explicit content that I unfortunately can’t include. But Isaiah […]

Harriet Tubman

February is national Black History Month, so of course everyone who contributed in this, deserves praise. The woman that I wanted to make this topic about was Harriet Tubman. A woman born into slavery, she rescued many enslaved people using an underground railroad system. She was viewed as a “conductor,” and she was also a […]

Halo Wars

I can remember the first time I ever played a Halo game very vividly. It was June 2014, I had just bought my first major gaming console; the Xbox 360, and I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Walking through corridors, facing Elites, Grunts, and Jackals, I was having a blast. Of course, this was […]

Kids That Won 2018

The new face of activism are teenagers everywhere. Over the course of 2018, activism has worked its way into social media, cities, and schools. Here’s a recap of the protests for justice lead by the Gen Z’s, throughout this year. On March 24th, kids everywhere took to the streets to protest gun violence. March for […]

Summer Fashion

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the days are only getting warmer. No, I am not talking about global warming, I am referring to summer! Every summer comes with passing trends, such as elephant pants, crochet crop tops, and lace everything. Now that summer ‘18 is here, Charter students need to know […]

Fight Club

This month, a critical issue within Charter has arisen and the students are in uproar. New clubs and sports teams have been popping up all around Charter since September. Some more recent ones are Key Club and boy’s volleyball. Though the pool of extracurriculars is large, that doesn’t stop Charter from creating its very own […]

Vines are Banned

Breaking news; Vines are banned from Charter. Charter teachers are tired of hearing, “Oh my gosh, you almost made me drop my croissant,” or “Road work ahead? I sure hope it does!” These over referenced Vines and many other “memes” are being censored from students vocabulary. If a student gets caught uttering anything even remotely […]