Ye Album Review

Ye, the eighth studio album from Kanye West, is a time capsule of current events. From the nature and events surrounding the titular artist, everything about the record acts as a mirror reflecting the past 3 months since West reactivated his social media. While Kanye has always been reactionary, this album takes this concept to […]

Big Time Return

The Return of a Boy Band Lost to the Depths of 2000’s Big Time Rush, a boy band known mostly for their Nickelodeon 2009 kids show, made a return with their new EP, Big Time Return. It was announced on band leader James Maslow’s twitter, saying “I’m glad to say that Big Time Rush is […]

Elon Musk

Ever since Charter won the award for “World’s Greenest School,” it has been very lax on how much or little waste it consumes. Now, 8 years later, Charter is collaborating with Tesla Motors to create a brand of specialty buses for the school’s driving needs. The commission was made after Elon Musk announced on Twitter […]

Pasta People

Spa-getting a Date with the Love Doctor   It has been three weeks since a survey was put up in the halls asking for names, age, gender, and sexual and spaghetti orientation to be put in a relationship, and because people actually filled the forms out, dates need to be made, starting with…   Ryan […]

Candy Polls

From Easter to Christmas, everyone loves a bit of candy, and what holiday is better for having candy than a holiday commercialized around candy? To make a poll for SSCPS, we picked the top 5 favorite candies of Massachusetts and went around asking different workshops what their favorite candies were out of the five. These […]