Dad’s Day

Do you have a daddy? Do you have a granddaddy? Well you’re in luck, because it’s daddy day on June 17th. Daddy’s day is the day where you say your thanks to your daddy for being your daddy. Everybody knows that daddies love breakfast in bed. Just make eggs and waffles and your daddy will […]

Political Events

House Democrat Accused Of Sexual Harassment House democrat of Nevada Representative Ruben Kihuen was accused of sexually harassing multiple women. Many women reported Ruben of having uncomfortable interactions with him. However, Rep. Ruben Kihuen ignored most of the public pressuring him to resign. He was called to an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Ruben […]

Jewish-American Heritage Month

May is the month of recognition to the more than 360 year history of Jewish contribution to American culture. The recognition has been confirmed by the Congressional resolution and the presidential proclamation. To celebrate, there are many JAHM (Jewish American Heritage Month) events to attend. This year, the theme of the events are Jewish Contributions […]

Jacob Sartorius Comes to Charter

Jacob Sartorius is a young singer loved by many teenage girls and boys. He is an expert muser and has millions of followers on social media. He is now visiting Europe and Charter. Our fellow pupil Nyomi Inda, a freshman, has been checking out this dashing young man’s twitter page. Mr. Sartorius created a contest […]

Gun Control

Gun control is the law that regulates possession, transfer, sale, manufacture, and the use of guns in America. In Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a school shooting took place on February 14, killing 17 and injuring 14. Nikolas Cruz took the role of the school shooter with his semi-automatic AR-15 Rifle. He […]

Political Events

Trump has been president for a year now. Since then, former president Barack Obama has not spoken to Trump since they were standing together on the East Front of the US Capitol near a military helicopter. Most presidents speak with each other, like Obama spoke on the phone with former president George W. Bush on […]

Pass System

Charter has chosen to update their pass system. But has it changed for the better, or for worse? The new system wants teachers to write out passes. When a student wants to go to the nurse, a teacher must call the nurse and let them know. When the student arrives and leaves, the nurse calls […]

Veteran’s Day

November 11 is the day in which many people honor and thank everyone who has served our country. Veterans Day was established in 1919, first known as Armistice Day. It was first called Armistice Day because November 11was the signing of the armistice, which ended World War I. The reason the name was changed is […]