Celebrity Cancellations

Sometimes, notable figures in the media do certain things or act in ways that tend to vex others who have to put up with hearing about it over their social medias, on the news, or in day to day conversation. The teens now use the word “cancelled” to express when they believe something should be […]

Culture Vultures = Expulsion

A new Massachusetts state law requires all high schools to publish an official list of cultural appropriation offenses along with the appropriate consequences. These offenses are separated into three different categories of offense. The first category is level 1. Level 1 offenses are subject to immediate temporary dismissal from the school, similar to a suspension. […]

DIY: Autumn Leaf Bowl

  Fake autumn leaves Plastic bowl Modge podge matte Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze Plastic wrap (optional) “Dried floral” pine cones, artificial cinnamon (optional)   To start off your leaf bowl, you are going to want to take your clean plastic bowl and turn it over. Cover the outside of the bowl with plastic […]

DIY: Halloween Terraniums

Many people enjoy Halloween because it gives them one time during the year to dress up as someone or something else, a break from their normal day to day routine. Some people also use this time to express themselves in a way that may or may not be unacceptable during any other time of the […]

Selling the School?

Over the 2017 winter break, it was formally announced that Angie Pepin had sold SSCPS to the town of Norwell. After the much needed expansion of the high school, the school board was left with virtually no budget to run the school. Over the next four years, South Shore Charter Public School will transition to […]

DIY: Open Toe Cowboy

Well howdy there, boys and girls! Are y’all ready for the best of the best DIYs? Why wear cute, fashionable, and convenient shoes when you can wear these DIY open toe cowboy boots! For this absolutely inexpensive DIY you will need:   The most expensive pair of old cowboy boots Sissors A Sharpie™ Feet (with […]

D.I.Y: Lip Balm

Winter is here, and with it comes the harsh cold air. This means that in the winter time your lips are not able to naturally hold moisture as well as they would when the air is warmer. Most of the time this can be a bit problematic for people since having chapped lips is not […]

Injected Feces

On several occasions between November 13th and 17th of 2016, 41 year old Tiffany Alberts of Wolcott, Indiana, injected feces into her son’s central IV line during his cancer treatment. The boy had been undergoing treatment for leukemia at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis since early August this year. Alberts’ reasoning for this […]