Heard In The Hallways

“Been wondering if squid know they’re being watched.”   “I don’t have knees anymore.”   “I’m just gonna go down there and scream about how pigeons are the ones we should actually be worshipping.”   “That horse must have a flat back because I’ve sat on some round horses.”   “What day is it?” “September.” […]

Term Two Organization

Coming into school can evoke a variety of feelings for people— some are excited, others are dreading it, and some didn’t even know school was starting until the day before.  But, most people have some semblance of organization and motivation for the next eight to nine months at first. Binder tabs, folders, pockets, all of […]

Heard in the Hallways

“I’m not even ready to fail yet, I’ve got so much life to barely live.”   “Can you just put your arm hair like, right here on my face?”   “Applesauce Kardashian West.”   “I know you want diabetes!”   [From a distant classroom:] “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!”   “Retreat your fingers and your button.”